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The best all-natural toothpaste in the USA. Our vegan formula helps whiten teeth & reduce bad breath. You'll notice the difference immediately.

Plus White Herbal Toothpaste by Dentiste
Plus White Herbal Toothpaste by Dentiste
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Let’s Redefine “Morning Breath!”
Dentiste Plus White herbaceutical toothpaste is a wildly fresh new experience in oral hygiene. Our proprietary formulation of 14 naturally effective plant-based extracts and other premium natural ingredients targets bacteria that builds up while you sleep, causing cavities, plaque, sensitive teeth, and that dreaded “morning breath.” The result is long-lasting and ultra-effective, so you can wake up every morning to a brilliantly clean mouth and kissably fresh breath.

All Natural
Non-Toxic Toothpaste
Available now in a recyclable tube.
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No more morning breath or embarrassing odors.
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Buyers are raving!

OMG thank god I came across this toothpaste! I suffered from dry mouth and tried so many different types of toothpaste that world worsen the condition and first time I tried this I immediately felt the difference and you wake up with clean mouth, also I woke up with saliva! Truly recommend!

Claudia T

In search of a natural toothpaste, I tried this toothpaste and was extremely pleased! I’ve tried other natural brands and wasn’t pleased with the results. This toothpaste is smooth and doesn’t have the grit nor leave behind any residue in your mouth. The mint flavor is perfect! My mouth is left feeling clean; ridden from bacteria and my breathe always seems fresh, even in the morning.

Lisa D

I had heard about this toothpaste, and decided to give it a try. I have been using it a couple of days now, so far I love it! I brush before bed and your mouth has a very clean feeling, not like the filmy feeling I was getting with colgate. It has a minty flavor that lasts quite a while. When I woke up, I seemed to have a more neutral taste in my mouth. I really like it and think I have found my long term brand!

Jason T